Hakomi Psychotherapy

For those who want to gain a deeper understanding of themselves or identify causes of tension within themselves and the world.
Through gentle methods and emotional support develop new skills for facing life and the challenges it provides.

Do you find yourself repeating the same unhealthy patterns in relationships with both yourself and others. Or engaging in self-defeating patterns of  behaviour. Perhaps you are feeling or experiencing

Feelings of sadness and helplessness

Confused about your relationships

Finding yourself in repetitive self defeating situations

Difficulty facing the ups and downs of life

Feeling lost and unsure of who you are

Feeling like your situation will never change or improve

Managing challenging emotions due to trauma

Using alcohol or drugs in a way that is not healthy

Would you like to understand and gain new ways of being in the world?

Hakomi Psychotherapy could be the solution you are looking for.

Using this method I can help you to understand your feelings and emotional challenges and learn new ways of being.

How it works

With my empathic and non-judgemental approach, you will explore and gain clarity on your core beliefs. Understand what drives your responses to the world and how to respond differently to challenging situations.

Provide a safe and supportive place to explore problems with confidentiality

Enables and supports a person to see themselves in new ways

Helping gain insight and clarity of ones patterns and how these effect our lives and relationships

Develop skills for facing life challenges

Integrate all the parts of ourselves to live a more authentic life

Regularity of sessions will be discussed at the discovery call or initial consultation.
Sessions start from $100

Are you ready to take the first step?