Manage My Mood Programme

Helping you to understand and manage the changes that happen during peri-menopuase utilising health/hormone science, Naturopathy, and psychotherapy for a truly personal and whole person approach. Where science and empathy meet. 

The Manage My Mood Programme is series of sessions for women who feel like their mind, body and emotions are out of control aand want to get back to themselves and living the life they want.

This is programme is ideal for you if you

Are experiecing changes due to feeling burned out and/or changes in hormones making you feel anxious, depressed, stressed and fatigued

A knowing that “somethig isnt right with me” but your not sure what the heck it is.

Are confused about what to spend your time, energy and money on to get the best outcomes

Are unable to enjoy your kids, partner, work, passions and other meaningful activities because you’re stuck with the blahs

Feel reactive all the time and can’t seem to “get a hold of yourself”

Having to deal with peri-menopausal/midlife health changes and the havoc it can wreck on your living your. best life is a downright painful.  There is a way to navigate this transition period with a reduction of the diifuclt symptoms you may be experinring. I can help you to understand what the heck is going on…..and support you to get back to the best version of you. 

I support people like you who are trying to manage all of this and make it better. You don’t have to do it alone and with my support and experience, you will better understand the contributing factors to your mental distress and have practical and manageable methods and solutions that will help you manage your mental wellbeing now and into the future.

How it works

Engaging regular sessions with an experienced practitioner
You will be getting access to education and tools that are tried and tested.

No more confusion about what to do and where to start
Take out  the guesswork and gain clarity instead with the guidance of an experienced professional.

A personalised approach
Unpacking and addressing all the contributing factors to YOUR challenges. So we can really get to the bottom of what’s driving your mood challenges.

Follow up session information
Receive written documents and handouts to refer back to and help cement the learning and changes.

Access to practitioner only tests and supplements to enhance your improved mood
Access to a range of world-class functional testing and supplemental solutions right here in NZ.


Discovery Phase

Peri-menopause? Burn out? discover what is causing your signs and symptoms and get a plan to start managing this. 

Discovery call

4 x 60 minute sessions with a qualified heath care practitioner.

Resources to support your learning.

Unlimited support via email, video and voice message. 

Access to basic and functional testing, scientifically backed practitioner only supplements. 

FROM $1,199

Burn Out Recovery Pathway

For those with long term anxiety and mood/health challenges related to exhaustion or burnout. Gain clarity, get tools and support to get your mojo back.

Post session action plan

Resources to support your learning

Regular 20 min clarification calls


Hormone management Pathway

Hormones wrecking havoc with your mood? Testing to see where your hormones are at and a plan to reduce your symptoms.

Discovery phase of 4 weekly sessions. Then monthly follow ups for 3 months

Post session action plans

Resources to support your learning

1 Month free supplement supply

DUTCH Hormone testing included (value of $900)


Package 1

Discovery call

4 weekly sessions

Follow up session email

FROM $999

Package 2

Discovery call

6 fortnightly sessions

Follow up session email

Resources to support your learning

Regular 20 min clarification calls

Supplement started pack

FROM $1899

Package 3

Discovery call

8 fortnightly sessions

Follow up session email

Resources to support your learning

Regular 20 min clarification calls

Month supplemental supply

Functional testing included

FROM $3299

Let’s connect and see what approach is going to best for you

Are you ready to take the first step?

What people are saying

“Jodie has helped me understand so much about myself and why I feel the way I do. I feel more in control of my emotions now! Thank you”

“Forever thankful for the help and impact she has had in my life.”

“I felt so comfortable and safe to share. She was amazing”