My Services

I offer 3 programmes providing practical tools and techniques to help them get more enjoyment and peace out of life.

Manage My Mood Programme

A whole-person approach to understanding and managing anxiety and depression and living a happier more content life.

The Manage My Mood Programme is series of sessions for anxious depressed and stressed people, to help them understand and reduce these limiting feelings

Hakomi Psycotherapy

For those who want to gain a deeper understanding of themselves or identify causes of tension within themselves and the world.

Through gentle methods and emotional support develop new skills for facing life and the challenges it provides.

Coporate Mental Wellness Solutions

Bespoke mental wellness products for “star” organisations helping you to create an environment for individual and collective thriving.

You are a star employer who is genuinely trying to look after your people, your busy running the organisation and not sure where to start.
Notice staff are underproductive and off their game.
Not sure how to help support your people with their mental health and wellbeing.